Where do the photo sessions take place?

Photo sessions take place at the David Shawley Photography studio in North Aurora, IL, or we can come to you.

Do you work with groups?

Absolutely!  We are happy to do headshots of your entire staff or attendees at an event.  Click here to get more information about Team Headshot sessions and click here for headshot photography at events.

What will my finished headshots look like?

I have a very consistent style. My headshot work typically features a solid white, grey, or black background and lighting customized for each client. This combination results in a clean, modern look that that will make your eyes pop and your skin tones look great. However, if you require a customized background, I can accommodate this as well.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes. All my headshot sessions, whether for individuals or groups, are by appointment only. I put a lot of thought into each session, which ultimately creates the best results and most value for you.

Will I need to leave a deposit to book my session?

For individual sessions, the Studio Fee must be paid at the time of booking in order to reserve your session.  That’s $195 for the Standard Headshot session and $350 for the Executive Headshot session.  You can reschedule without penalty.  If you need to cancel prior to the scheduled session, the Studio Fee will be refunded to you minus a $75 administrative fee.  No-shows on the day of the scheduled session will forfeit the entire Studio Fee.

For Team or Event Headshot sessions, a Reservation Deposit will need to be paid at the time of booking in order to hold the date on my calendar.  This fee is equal to 10% of the total estimated cost of the job and will be applied toward the final invoice.  You may reschedule the job without penalty.  If you need to cancel, the entire Reservation Deposit will be forfeited.

What about hair and makeup?

I strongly recommend make-up for women. If you are going to do your own make-up, I would suggest you start off light and very naturally to give yourself a clean look and then we can add on if desired as the session progresses.  Your makeup should look very natural. “Keep it simple” is the goal. Makeup that is overdone will be very noticeable on a close-up headshot and almost impossible to correct after the fact. I can arrange to have a professional make-up artist available for your session if you choose for an additional fee. Your hair should match the way you will look in person. We may put your hair up or down during the session for a different look so bring whatever styling tools you may need.

What should I wear to my session?

Choose clothing appropriate for your type of work or business. If in doubt, go conservative. Trends may seem fashionable today but keeping with a clean classic look will ensure that your photos will last years longer and still flatter you. Earth tones and jewel tone colors tend to work very well. Grey is also a great color for headshots. Avoid loose or baggy clothing, see-through tops, wrinkled tops, crazy busy patterns, clothing that is too small for you, and branded logos or text.


Ladies in particular, please make sure not to wear any brightly colored undergarments as these tend to show through especially under light colored clothing.  I recommend understated accessories for your headshot session. No dangly earrings, no chunky necklaces or any with too many shiny jewels. 

The focus needs to be on you, not what you are wearing.

The bottom line is that you should LOVE what you wear. It will make you feel and look more comfortable and confident.  Again, more details are included in the information you will receive once you book your session.

How much retouching do you do?

My retouching is never overdone. You will not look “plastic” or fake. For individual headshot sessions, I will personally retouch all the images you select rather than send it to someone else.  I like to keep control over this process so that you get the highest quality result. As part of retouching, I’ll do basic color correction, teeth whitening, stray hair removal, removing glare on eye-glasses, enhanced skin retouching, wrinkle and lint removal on clothing, and background replacement (if desired).  I’ll also remove any “temporary” blemishes (like pimples, cuts, etc.).  Basically anything that won’t be there two weeks later.  Things like moles, scars, freckles, etc., are part of you, so I won’t touch those.  The goal is to make the picture appear as though it has not been retouched.  It’s all about making you look like you.